The paper highlights the implementation phase of Bapetco incident tracking system through network installation at different Bapetco locations (BED-3 / Obaiyed / Cairo)The Accident Tracking system is a package made to gather all information concerning all types of incidents occurring within Bapetco sites. It shows the causes that were the main reasons in these incidents, with a full description of the incident for example if it was caused by pollution, stating its type and showing methods of remediation cost for production loss, damages caused and methods of clean-up. It also shows when it occurred, and who was involved whether a Bapetco Staff, Contractors or third parties. Bapetco HSE Management System combines Hazard Management with Quality Principles and provides a structured approach to system development and maintenance. Hazard Management is based on the identification, assessment, control and recovery from hazards, a process designed to manage hazards to the business in a structured manner. Quality Principles focus on the Plan, do, check and feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement. The HSE-MS reflects Quality Management Principles. It integrates HSE into existing business activities, and defines accountabilities for tasks, which contribute to the management of HSE risks. Bapetco Information Technology Dept. Combined a new software program with our existing Incident Tracking Software, to improve Bapetco HSE performance and help dramatically communicating HSE message during HSE implementation phase. Bapetco Network structure started 1994 in Cairo main office BED-3 field network access was limited, however network services has increased. In order to implement the incident tracking system software, upgrade Bapetco network infrastructure was a must, connecting remote sites at field locations, accordingly, all needs for upgrading network was reviewed and an immediate action took place started year 2000, the software was implemented after upgrading network end 2001. After network upgrade, users connect at dedicated 100 MBPS, Backbone speed 1 GBPS, Layer 3 switches to isolate user traffic from servers, Cisco router supporting WAN only, standards are applied. Remote sites at BED-3 field 10 MBPS backbone speed and 19.2 kbps link with Cairo through VSAT. Link is upgraded to 256 kbps using Cisco router, V.35 interface. Remote sites at Obaiyed field currently running on 256 kbps using Cisco router, V.35 interface. Backup link established between Obaiyed and BED-3. Currently the system is now fully implemented.

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