Subsea completions in deep waters are becoming more and more frequent around the world. This entails the use of innovative technology, remote interventions coupled with constant attention to cost effectiveness to make any possible development a viable one. As a result of the above, Sonsub has recently developed, manufactured, tested and operated BRUTUS, a new rigid and flexible horizontal pull-in and connection system. The BRUTUS system fulfils the industry's need for deepwater connections of "rigid to rigid pipeline" and "riser to subsea structure" in any combination utilising spool pieces, flexibles, and implementing standard flanges as the preferred connector while also allowing the selection of any other type of mechanical connector (collet, clamp, etc.). The system has successfully gone through a full qualification test program involving both dry and shallow water trials simulating a complete operation. Following these, the first operations have been carried out during Autumn 2000, including tie-ins of two 16" lines to subsea structures and a 10" flexible riser to an export riser base. This paper will briefly describe the BRUTUS system capabilities and the spread used for operations, as well as presenting results and lessons learnt from both the qualification testing and operational phases.

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