Saipem is one of the world's largest offshore companies. The company manages more than 20 different types of vessels, oil rigs, drilling platforms, supply ships, crane barges etc, including some of the largest of their kind. Controlling the maintenance and spare parts consumption and procurement is a difficult and time consuming task, even without the pressure received by Port State Control, majors, Petroleum Directorates, IMO rules, etc. With the IBIS project, Saipem started the task of revamping the whole IT structure of the company, a mammoth task that will take, in total, over four years of work. One of the main problems to be confronted with was establishing a Planned Maintenance and Spare Parts Control system on each vessel, to be linked, mostly via satellite, with the Saipem's SAP Network around the world. This paper relates on the way the task has been fulfilled.

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