The present study facilitates the use of statistical parameters to validate production performance data and to increase its informatics. The evaluation considers nine variables of the production performance of the Nubia "C" massive sand reservoir of Ramadan field governed by the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO). In addition to the cumulative and production rates of oil, gas and water also the gas oil ratio, the water cut and the number of producers are statistically analyzed. Many statistical parameters ware calculated for variables of the production performance data and the correlation coefficient between each two variables was calculated (36 pairs), then an overall correlation matrix was constructed. This procedure was performed for successive four intervals, to follow up the change in behavior of statistical variance within production data. The easy and express statistical evaluation proves that the Nubia "C" reservoir is producing under a combined regime of water drive mechanism and gas in solution. Also, the weak correlation between the number of producing wells and other variables shows that new drilling will not result in additional increment of total reservoir production rate. The degree of normality in variable's distribution is a control technique to judge the performance of each variable. Time series analysis of the four periods might lead to predicting the future changes in the nine variables.

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