In Germany, pipelines must be monitored continuously during operation for the presence of leaks; the relevant regulations can be found in TRbF 301 (Technical Guidelines for Flammable Liquids), see [1], number 10. Recently, a new generation of leak monitoring systems has started to attract attention: the so-called model-based method, in which the static and dynamic behaviour of pipelines can be calculated by a computer on-line and in real time. This method permits the continued use of standard measuring systems (flow, pressure, temperature and, if required, sealing) but also delves into new areas as far as applications and accuracy are concerned. This paper describes the basic principles and application of a model-based method of this kind. A significant section is devoted to applications, in which the possibilities of general use in industry are examined. The results demonstrate that the system is suitable for use in industry. This is the reason why the GALILEO system, which is based on this method of leakage monitoring, has been available from KROHNE of Duisburg for some time.

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