Through the SmartFields® project, FMC Kongsberg Subsea together with Statoil and Shell have addressed the challenges to achieve increased Oil and Gas Recovery from Subsea Wells at lowest possible cost through out the lifetime of the field. In the SmartFields project, we have analysed what the existing systems can provide and what the future subsea oil and gas production systems will demand in order to increase the production rate and the total production. Based on these analyses, a set of development activities were initiated, among them the development of a new generation production control system, SmartControls, to provide the future need for an infrastructure at the seabed. The real motivation for the electronics and software upgrade was to provide a vehicle to implement intelligence into the system. This paper describes the requirements that have guided the development and the results achieved so far. Within the overall SmartFields project there are several complementary development activities targeting the SmartFields goals, e.g. Light Well Intervention and Subsea Processing, but these are not described any further in this paper. The SmartFields project started in January 97, jointly funded by FMC Kongsberg Subsea and Statoil. A/S Norske Shell joined the project in January 99. The project comprises a multidiscipline working team. Close co-operation with experts in Statoil and Shell and with suppliers of SmartWell and processing equipment has been vital with regards to the results and the selected technical solutions.

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