The exploration and production of oil and gas fields in deep water is growing more and more challenging and the requirements for technology and materials are more demanding day after day. In the Brazilian coast, particularly at the "Campos Basin", 2000 m deep, installations are already operating. These new horizons make involved companies in the supply of services and materials to adapt to these challenges offering the best of their technological, developmental and human resources. Along with PETROBRAS (the state owned Brazilian Oil Company) SOCO-RIL (Argentina), a Company of the SOCOTHERM GROUP (Italy), has designed a polypropylene based anticorrosion and thermal coating for steel pipes suitable to support the mechanical stress present during reel barge installation method and the 20 MPa hydrostatic pressure (2000 meters water depth) without altering its thermal and anticorrosion properties. For this particular project, SOCO-RIL/SOCOTHERM has also developed a field joint coating/insulation system that fully guarantee the performance of the flowlines.

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