The development of marginal oil fields is becoming progressively more important in mature oil provinces. The integrated application of the latest oil filed technology has helped to make such development not only technically feasible, but also economically attractive. The Younis field operated by the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) is a marginal field made economical through an integrated development strategy that employs cutting edge technology. The success of this strategy represents the culmination of the multi-disciplinary efforts of geologists and geophysicists, reservoir and production specialists, operations and production engineers, as well as the various service companies involved. The technologies applied include the following:

  1. Application of 3-D seismic techniques for reservoir delineation

  2. Infill drilling of water injectors as wells as new producers to improve the oil sweep efficiency.

  3. Use of gravel packs in both injectors and producers in order to minimize sand migration.

  4. One of the world's first examples of the successful use of extreme overbalance techniques in high permeability reservoirs for more effective gravel pack placement.

  5. The world's first use of coiled tubing pipelines to feed the field with gas for artificial lift and water for injection.

  6. Combined use of reservoir saturation and production logging measurements to monitor water front advancement and thus enable proper management of the water injection project. Throughout, an integrated approach and a disciplined project plan have been essential for maintaining a cost effective and timely execution. Results have boldly illustrated the success of this approach, leading to a doubling of the oil production rate as well as the proven field reserves. This paper reviews the above mentioned applications and highlights the seamless integration of the efforts of various departments and multi-disciplinary teams.

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