Coiled tubing applications has been effectively used for well stimulation, workover, drilling of some a new shallow wells, and reentering a well through tubing. With a coiled tubing operation, less equipment is typically needed; the unit can move in, rig up and begin the job within hours. This quick rig up is especially attractive in offshore and harsh locations where workover rig have higher day rates. Coiled tubing operations are safer, more economical and technically more efficient approach, however it is not applicable for Agiba platform due to load capacity and limited area which is not enough to support coiled tubing equipment. Extensive efforts were made to investigate the coiled tubing applications in Agiba offshore operations. The scope of work is the static analysis and the stress checks of MPA deck structure. The analysis has been conducted indicating that, the condition is out or near the value of UF=1. so, there are three types of remedies have been considered:

  1. Changing of positions and/or orientation of each item of coiled tubing equipment.

  2. Utilization of a new skid to redistribute the load over main beams.

  3. Reinforcements of structure. The results of the study pointed out the following:

    • ·

      Two different layouts have been considered to serve all wells.

    • ·

      Limit stress situation for beams supporting the Reel and Pumping unit. A new support frame with a suitable dimension will be considered for these items to distribute the load over the structure.

    • ·

      Critical stress situation for beam supporting the Frack tank (full) 10,500 gals capacity.

    Reinforcement of this beam by welding of another beam on the top-side is recommended.

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