The Ormat Energy Converter, also known as the (OEC) is the proven most reliable, low maintenance remote power system for offshore applications, designed for operation in Class 1, Division 2 conditions, as defined by API. The first OEC units for use on unmanned offshore platforms have been placed in operation by AGIP, in the Adriatic Sea. Since 1976, numerous OEC units have been used on unattended offshore facility installations for AGIP and other companies such as ELF (in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Gabon) and Total (in the Pacific Ocean, offshore Indonesia). In these applications, one or two gas fired OEC units are erected on deck of an unmanned offshore gas platform, to operate continuously to supply electric power for the platform navigational aids, for SCADA, telemetry and for floating and recharge of secondary cell batteries. The OEC units are fuelled by the natural gas available from the wellhead. Among the OEC features, is their field proven high reliability, verified by over 4 million turbine-hours on offshore platforms; the low, once per year maintenance, thus avoiding costly maintenance visits requiring the use of helicopters to reach the platforms; and the state-of-the-art digital control system that is CE certified and is compatible with customer SCADA protocols. The OEC units for offshore applications are rated from 800 to 3000 W net, under site conditions, with field-demonstrated life of over 25 years, without any site de-rating, or overhauls. The output voltage of the OEC units is 24, 48, 110 or 125 VDC, in order to accommodate any customer application requirements. The OEC units for offshore applications are CE certified, and ORMAT as a company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The paper describes the OEC design considerations as well as some practical applications.

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