The paper discusses the specific problems related to the design and fabrication of a reinforced lightweight concrete (RLC) barge, a caisson structure which may be used as a gravity base platform for various offshore facilities like the support of process oil/gas plant. The advantage of adopting such a kind of structure is its long term durability and economics, in addition to comparative ease of fabrication. Therefore it may be advantageously adopted for supporting structures in shallow waters. The concrete support structure is a cellular ‘barge‘ structure that may be built in a dry-dock at a suitable yard, equipped with its operational items and transported or towed to the site destination where it is placed into a previously prepared dredged and backfilled base on the seabed through appropriate ballasting of the cells. The unit, when correctly placed, is a permanent, bottom founded structure, with the ability for easy removal at a future time when the facility is no longer required.

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