This paper outlines the last five years evolution of ISO TC 67, the ISO Technical Committee for "Materials, equipment, and offshore structures for petroleum and gas industries" and explains the significant results obtained. Until 1995 the effort/success in ISO TC 67 was in creating an effective working committee structure, and a prioritized work programme. The last five years have concentrated on the development and publication of the true International Standards themeselves. In order to improve the overall management of the TC programme, significant changes have been implemented in the ISO TC 67 structure, with a new Management System comprising an ISO TC 67 Executive Committee, a Management Committee, Subcommittees and Working Groups. A 2 year Plan was defined and focussed on the real industry standards needs, with the vision: "global standards used locally worldwide". Shared goals were set to increase the efficency of the whole process, to address the common TC 67 needs (policy, organization, administration etc.), and to bring all problems to a quick solution. Important results are now becoming a reality in terms of the number of ISO standards available covering a range of industry needs, and in terms of successful interfaces established with the European Standards Committee, CEN TC 12 and other Organizations. The standardization objectives and business benefits, including industry cost reduction and safety and environmental enhancement are described and illustrated by examples of some published standards. There is now awareness of the key role played by ISO standards for reducing barriers, speaking a common language, building a global market strategy and reducing costs. This paper also describes the most significant cooperative activities with several related organizations (API, CEN, Europia, OGP) aimed at reducing duplication of effort, promoting maximisation of the use of ISO standards, to reduce the differences between ISO standards and API specifications, to have CEN standards identical to ISO ones. Finally, an update on the status of the ISO standards published and ready for use or in FDIS status is also given. Reference is given to the internet Portal www-.-tc67-.net-. which has recently been established.

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