Since December 1998, ENI Agip Division has been certified in Italy to ISO 14001, that certification is the prize of the commitment of the ENI Management to develop an advanced HSE management system. Following this important and strategic target ENI is now making great efforts for the diffusion and the implementation of this approach world-wide in its sister companies. In this respect good co-operation has been achieved with the associated oil and gas production companies in Egypt, Petrobel and Agiba. Teams from ENI Agip have been working with them on ongoing safety and environmental technical and management audits that have created a clearer understanding of governing policies and which have yielded tangible and worthwhile improvements. Typically the technical reviews were carried out in three steps:

  • The performance of an audit in accordance with ENI Agip policies and international standards, analysing the key aspects of the safety and environmental management systems in place.

  • The conducting of a technical risk assessment of production plant starting from the study of all relevant technical data and the preparation of preliminary risk classifications.

  • On-site technical surveys of the various field production locations and their plant

The main objective was to examine the suitability of existing HSE provisions (in terms of prevention and protection), covering all related management aspects, and by performing a risk classification and a risk ranking of the different areas of plant. The results of the work in each case were used as the basis of programmes for improvements. This paper intends to outline the methods used and show how the greater understanding of technical risks together with the results of management systems assessments provides an effective tool to improve health and safety performance as well as the "bottom line"?.

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