The rise in so called environmentalism has been phenomenal over the last 20 years or so and many experts believe that, for the oil and gas industry, it is the force to be reckoned with entering the new millenium. In some ways it has become the new religion, especially with younger people disillusioned with some of the beliefs of their elders. Environmentalism is on the political agenda everywhere in the world and there has been a proliferation of national, regional and global treaties. What are the issues driving this movement and how do they impinge on oil and gas exploration and production companies? Who are the players on this stage, what are their various creeds, what are they saying and how might they be expected to behave in the future? Could it be that there is a lot more consensus than there appears to be on how to proceed? If so what is the common ground? What should be the focus of the companies operating in this sea of politics? To what extent should they enter the debate and how can they achieve their business targets without undue impacts? The paper will discuss the questions raised and give the author's highly personal viewpoint as a manager in the industry and a member of the general public.

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