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The Tyan license area in Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district – Yugra was the first object of Surgutneftegas PJSC business activity that attracted the attention of local community – indigenous peoples of the north, regional and municipal government. The early 1990th, the business activities of Surgutneftegas were denounced by the locals that were unsatisfied by the actions of the company on their territory. This negativism was formed by different ecological activists including some international companies wanted to get the rights for resource extraction in Middle Ob region, including the Tyanskoye oilfield. In following 3 years this oilfield was divided in three autonomous oilfields. To get the rights on resources extraction Surgutneftegas implemented the new technologies of resources extraction. From the start of the project local community had right to participate in different technological object placing according to the ecological and economic interest. Moreover, the most innovative ecological and technical technologies were introduced, protective measures were performed. The 25 year experience of Tyan license area exploitation showed the efficiency of the performed management. The ecological situation didn't change and is stable. The local community continue to perform their activities as usual.

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