Thermal Spray applied Aluminum Coating has been used extensively in the North Sea to provide corrosion protection. The specification for coating performance has largely been driven by achievable Quality Control procedures and tests. This paper reviews the performance of TSA and opens the discussion for setting performance standards.


The application of Thermal Spray Aluminum, TSA, to steel structures has been well documented in previous papers ?1)to this and other Corrosion bodies. This paper is intended to review the development of TSA as a means of protecting steel structures for offshore structures and equipment as both a new construction and maintenance coating.

What is Thermally Sprayed Aluminum, (TSA)? A long-term maintenance free corrosion protection coating for steel structures. Recognized in British Standard BS5493, Corrosion and Protection of Iron and Steel Structures in 1977 as giving 20+ years maintenance free life!

This paper reviews UK North Sea practice and in particular experience from Phillips and Amoco.


The use of TSA to protect new structures has been discussed in many papers. The decision to use TSA as a means of protecting offshore structural components stemmed from the results of extensive research and testing programs carried out by the U.S. Navy and British Standards in the UK .

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