MRO175is aNACE Materials Requirement that became an industry standard for Christmas Tree Valves in 1975. NACE altered MRO175 in 1978 to include other types of oil and gas production and completion equipment. Failures drove the early work and a disaster drove the 1978 version?s development and the haste that NACE used to finish and publish the 1978document.

The paper traces events and documents that predate MRO175 and that the oil and gas industry used to develop and write MRO175. The paper will discuss some of the circumstances that led to MR0175?s format, wording and ambiguities. The paper attempts to convey what ideas the writers were trying to express.

The paper discusses the portion of the industry and the types of equipment that MRO175 addressed ? the philosophy scope. The paper takes up the original intent behind MRO175 and follows its application into other areas that MRO175did not envision.

The paper covers some of the current changes that are being made to MRO175. NACE Unit Committee T- lF is also working on a major possible revision in how MRO175 speaks to CRAS (Corrosion Resistant Alloys); the paper summarizes those possibilities. The paper attempts to differentiate between what MRO175 addresses and what the International Standards Organization (ISO) sour gas document is addressing through ISO/TC67/WG7.

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