Internal corrosion monitoring of process vessels and associated piping in operating plants as well as fluid analysis from appropriate locations provide valuable input into the corrosion assessment of the equipment and components. Internal corrosion mitigation in the oil & gas industries have been always a great challenge for corrosion experts especially in identification of different types of corrosion and its mechanism and how to set the proper mitigation means.

In our company, Internal Corrosion Monitoring activities are carried out in their facilities which consists of 22 Crude Processing Plants (Gathering Centers), 4 Gas Processing Plants (Booster Stations); 3 Effluent Water Disposal Plants, Seawater Treatment and Injection Plant, a vast network of pipelines carrying different products, as well as Early Production Facilities.

This paper highlights a case study of a 6 inch (15 cm) oily water drain piping from a separator outlet, which was found to be severely corroded due to under deposit/pitting corrosion. The corroded pipe was subject to detailed corrosion investigation. This case study describes the corrosion mechanism, various testing to identify the type of corrosion and recommendations for mitigations.

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