Industrial inefficiency as the result of bio-fouling accumulation is well-known. The build-up of fouling can compromise power plants and water treatment facilities that rely on optimized water flow. Hard animal fouling can also affect the structural integrity of offshore oil and gas facilities. Over the years coatings suppliers have mainly addressed the issue of bio-fouling build-up on the outside of marine vessels by using anti-fouling coatings that use active biocides to deter fouling growth. Biocide-free elastomer technology has also been developed that is particularly effective at preventing bio-fouling build-up even in static water conditions. Fouling control coatings have come a long way and although these technologies can be effective against hard shell (barnacle) and weed growth they continue to struggle against slime or micro-organism build-up. That is until now. This paper presents a novel patented technology that greatly reduces the build-up of slime paving the way to improving the efficiency of industrial installations.

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