As part of continued efforts by an operating company to address specific corrosion mitigation needs and utilize improved integrity chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, biocides as well as operational chemicals such as antifoam, coagulants, anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes etc. offered by different chemical suppliers, it is necessary to conduct field trials at the existing facilities. Such chemical field trials pose specific challenges to the extent of causing even un-planned shutdown of the facilities.

This paper outlines some of the typical problems encountered by facility operators and corrosion monitoring personnel right from shortlisting of chemical vendors, performing compatibility tests, establishing evaluation criteria, until the issue of the field trial report to the asset owners. Issues highlighted in this paper are based on field trials conducted at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for their Seawater Treatment Plant (SWTP) supplying treated seawater to the Central Injection Plant Facility (CIPF). Products supplied by three different chemical suppliers were utilized in the trials and unique challenges were faced in each case.

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