Surface treatments are commonly applied to non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant alloys used in heavy weight drill collars to improve their surface properties. However, a complete understanding of the surface treatments' influence on the corrosion resistance of these materials is still lacking. Surface and electrochemical examinations have been conducted to investigate how surface treatments that are commonly applied to non-magnetic stainless steels, such as shot peening, hammer peening and cold rolling, affect their pitting corrosion resistance. Experimental results have shown that these treatments can significantly influence the susceptibility of CrMn stainless steel surfaces to pitting corrosion. The measured pitting corrosion and repassivation potentials were dependent on the applied surface treatment, and nearly independent of the roughness of the surface. Additionally, the relevance of temperature on the pitting corrosion resistance of one non-magnetic stainless steel was determined by electrochemical methods.

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