This presentation summarizes the efforts to develop and expand a comprehensive information system for corrosion of metals and alloys in high temperature gases. The current data collection represents about 6.4 million hours of exposure time for about 4,900 tests with 80 alloys. Data are being generated at the rate of about one million exposure hours per year. The system manages/exploits corrosion data from well- defined exposures and determines corrosion product stabilities. New insights in the analysis of thermochemical data for the Fe-Ni-Cr-Co-C-O-S-N system are being compiled. All known phases based upon any combination of the elements are being analyzed to allow the most complete and accurate assessments of corrosion product stabilities. Use of these data will allow prediction of corrosion product stabilities, which can be used to deduce the likely corrosion mechanism. The program has uses in corrosion research, alloy development, failure analysis, lifetime prediction, and process operations. The corrosion mechanisms emphasized are oxidation, sulfidation, sulfidation/oxidation, and carburization.

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