Abstract. The Nacra-17 catamaran is currently the only type of multihull that participates in the Olympic Games. It features semi-L-shaped daggerboards, allowing the boat to foil. For maximizing boat speed, the sailors have to cope with a large set of trimming parameters. Boat speed depends on sail trim, but additional trim parameters also have a strong impact on boat speed: the rake of the daggerboard and the rudder, the platform trim and heel angle and the rudder angle. The project described here tries to assist the sailors in finding an optimized set of trim parameters. This is done with the help of a proprietary velocity prediction program, which - besides solving for equilibrium of all forces acting on the boat - searches for the set of daggerboard and rudder rake, rudder angle, heel angle and platform trim, for which performance yields a maximum. The paper describes the method as well as some of the results.

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