Based on a constant-coefficient dynamic model, a study was made to determine the influence of various hydrodynamic coefficients on the predicted maneuverability quality of submerged bodies. Two types of geometries were considered, a submarine and an axisymmetric slender geometry. For the submarine, the equations of motion used were the revised standard submarine equations (Feldman 1979) while for the latter geometry a dynamic model was developed. From computer simulation of a few selected definitive maneuvers based on these two different dynamic models for the two geometries, the sensitivity of the simulated trajectory on changes in different coefficients was found. The results quantified in form of sensitivity values are presented. It is found that the typical measures from the maneuvers do not depend significantly on most of the nonlinear coefficients. The coefficients having significant effects on the trajectories are found to be the linear damping coefficients for the submarine and the linear inertial force coefficients for the axisymmetric body.

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