The technique of time-domain numerical simulation for the occurrence of water shipping on board in head waves is presented. The nonlinear effects of the large-amplitude motion are treated. These nonlinear factors include the effect of large wave amplitude, large ship motion, the change of hull configuration below the free surface and the nonlinear resultant wave. Therefore, the variation of the potentials and the hydrodynamic coefficients for a ship at each time step must be carefully treated. While handling the determination of the instantaneous wave surface around the ship hull, the complete incident, diffracted, and radiated wave system is used rather than the incident wave only. The complexity of the ship speed effect on the related terms is also treated at each time step, especially for the radiation problems. An experimental setup is also designed to measure the motion response and the relative motion, and comparisons are made. The results show excellent agreement and the validity of the theory is confirmed. The successful development of the present technique can be extended to analyze the dynamic stability, capsize phenomena, and ship motion in irregular waves

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