Wind tunnel tests were performed to determine the viscous resistance and its components for a 0.564-CB model from the BSRA Trawler Series. It was found that the sum of the pressure and skin friction resistance coefficients agreed well with the viscous resistance coefficient determined from drag balance tests. The range of Reynolds number examined was from 1.15 × 106 to 5.17 × 106. The results for the viscous resistance and its components were fitted using least-squares methods to various equations. The results were also compared with the results of previous tests done at the University of Melbourne on models of Lucy Ash-. ton and a 0.80-CB tanker. It was found that the skin friction and viscous resistance coefficients had curves of quite different position and slope. Local skin friction distribution showed noteworthy differences, especially at the stern, with high values at the keel and low values approaching the waterline.

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