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Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 38 (03): 129–139.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-04210012
Published: 31 August 2022
... companies in predicting the cycle-times required for ship fabrication. The input parameters are geometric information extracted from the target shape (curvedness, Gaussian curvature, width, and height of the hull plate), and the output parameter is the heating duration per unit area. The structure...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (04): 279–309.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-4-279
Published: 01 November 2018
... structures for high bending of thick plates. 1. Introduction In ship and offshore building industries, geometric shapes are generated by forming of metal plates or sheets into simple or complex curvatures as demanded by the design requirements. Although, the doubly curved structures are used in offshore...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (03): 211–225.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-3-211
Published: 01 August 2018
... the out-of-plane distortion? 1 8 2018 1 8 2018 2018. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers curvature welding distortion distortion penetration equation structural model tilt angle penetration position mode shape assembly contraction force case study...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (03): 181–190.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-3-181
Published: 01 August 2018
...-hours are required for correcting such defects, leading to delayed fabrication in the downstream fabrication processes. In order to overcome these problems, a method is developed using formulae for handling an extended range of plates, and considering the effect of the initial curvature of a plate...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 32 (03): 166–173.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2016-32-3-166
Published: 01 August 2016
... to insufficient reliability. This article proposes four standard shapes for fabrication by calculating boundary curvature of each curved plate so that same curvature areas could be acquired. Some examples are carried out for the classification of curved hull plates. 1 8 2016 1 8 2016 2016...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 32 (01): 59–70.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2016-32-1-59
Published: 01 February 2016
... defining the ship's geometry. Using this transformation method with a multiobjective genetic algorithm, Pareto fronts between a lifetime resistance metric and a producibility metric based on curvature are developed. Pareto-optimal fronts are then found for both a nominal DTMB-5145 combatant and a KCS...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 26 (03): 177–186.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2010-26-3-177
Published: 01 August 2010
... of forming rolls. It was found that the curvature level of the formed plates in the previous study was well over the curvature required in shipyards. This fact shows that the LARS method has good potential for shipbuilding applications. A ship hull is composed of many curved plates with various double...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 24 (04): 180–189.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2008-24-4-180
Published: 01 November 2008
..., a suitable program has been developed to determine the surface properties (i.e., generation of required grid points, Gauss curvature, principal curvatures, and their directions) and the heating line pattern by using B-spline surface theory. For getting the initial template (blank) and strain distribution...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 24 (01): 17–24.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2008-24-1-17
Published: 01 February 2008
.... The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers marine transportation Thickness heating Shin heating information kinematic analysis shipyard Line Heating Process algorithm angular deformation knowledge management curvature control variable heating speed curved plate deformation...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 21 (04): 248–257.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2005-21-4-248
Published: 01 November 2005
...J. N. Rodrigues Branco; C. Guedes Soares A solution for mapping of shell plates of double curvature into plane surfaces is presented. As in most cases in which the equation of the surface of a compound-curved shell plate is unknown, the mapping of the surface of such a plate is done to a so-called...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 21 (02): 65–72.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2005-21-2-65
Published: 01 May 2005
... forming leads to a series of problems. This paper presents a method to change the two-step forming into line-heating forming by using curvature analysis. The principal curvatures of the formed plate can be calculated directly from the offset data. The principal curvature distribution provides information...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 19 (01): 8–15.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2003-19-1-8
Published: 01 February 2003
... PRODUCTION expansion and strain-displacement relationship, or using kinemat- ics of plate deformation. Jang and Moon (1998) calculated the extremes of the curvatures of the desired surface and obtained the heating line information through grouping the extremal points. However, this study considered only...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 18 (02): 86–91.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2002-18-2-86
Published: 01 May 2002
... information Artificial Intelligence curvature software system center roller determination Object-Oriented Architecture orientation objective shape object-oriented diagram roll line curvature distribution hull piece ship production input surface Object-Oriented Development of an Integrated...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 18 (02): 65–72.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2002-18-2-65
Published: 01 May 2002
... Engineers 1 5 2002 1 5 2002 IT software curvature productivity ship production information technology software longitudinal plane algorithm Artificial Intelligence flange block construction computer intersect developable surface construction chine bulkhead small ship...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 17 (02): 97–102.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2001-17-2-97
Published: 01 May 2001
... curvature Efficiency main curvature geometry spatial reasoning cutter machining efficiency constant pitch nc machining efficiency free form surface blade surface propeller blade step length Pressure side machining Artificial Intelligence accuracy normal curvature path interval ball-end...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 16 (02): 121–132.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-2000-16-2-121
Published: 01 May 2000
... any curvature precisely and efficiently on a hull steel plate in the shipbuilding process. It is undesirable for the future in line heating that only an experienced technician is able to be skilled in the use of existing line heating f1 or steel plate forming. Accuracy of shape formed by existing line...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 15 (02): 91–102.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-1999-15-2-91
Published: 01 May 1999
...Michael G. Parsons; Jong-Ho Nam; David J. Singer A scalar hull surface producibility cost metric is introduced as an area weighted sum of the relative cost of producing classes of hull surface plates. The classes include flat plate, within some small tolerance; plating with curvature of various...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 14 (04): 238–245.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSP-1998-14-4-238
Published: 01 November 1998
... curvatures of the deflection difference surface that represents the shape difference between a target surface and a surface in fabrication, and uses a convergence index. Several trials of typical surface types show its usefulness and good practical applicability. 1 11 1998 1 11 1998 1998...

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