Aiming at the problem that the disturbance factors affect the smooth development of berth hoisting, a hoisting planning architecture based on digital twin is proposed. The berth hoisting sequence planning model and its implementation technology are studied. The model includes three parts: the digital space for formulating the hoisting scheme, the physical space for executing the block hoisting, and the information interaction between the two parts. This paper discusses the berth hoisting planning method based on digital twin, constructs the information exchange platform of digital space and physical space, develops the berth hoisting information exchange platform based on digital twin, and simulates the block hoisting planning by using DELMIA software. An example is given to simulate the operation of the hoisting planning platform. The results show that the work of this paper has a certain reference significance to solve the influence of disturbance factors on berth hoisting sequence planning.


Berth hoisting is the main line of ship general assembly on berth, involving various hoisting resources, such as block, hoisting equipment, assembly and welding equipment, transportation equipment, and human resources. Reasonable hoisting planning can make berth hoisting work smoothly and orderly, shorten slipway construction time, and improve shipbuilding efficiency.

In the process of shipbuilding, the planning of berth hoisting scheme is prior to the specific implementation of hoisting work. Due to the complex and changeable working environment of general assembly on berth, various dynamic disturbances will occur in the process of general assembly, which will affect the predetermined hoisting scheme and lead to the delay of general assembly. At the same time, the information transmission mechanism between the production site and the process planning department is not perfect, which has an impact on the modification of the general assembly planning.

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