The flexible operating and changing of the complex one-of-a-kind shipbuilding environment has to be based on adequate concepts and instruments to handle the related controlling, planning and implementation tasks. Product modeling defines the physical and application driven product-related information. It is of basic importance to support this environment, especially the concurrent engineering functions, during the whole product life cycle. Process modeling supports the implementation and operation of complex CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) oriented processes. In this paper some modeling applications within European shipbuilding research and development projects will be highlighted from the viewpoint of an integrated product and process modeling approach. The following projects referenced: NEUTRABAS (Neutral Database for Complex Multifunctional Systems) explores a broad application field of product information for ship steel structure and outfitting systems; ROCOCO (Real Time Monitoring and Control of Construction Site Manufacturing) develops a CIM application and demonstrates this application within the pipe outfitting environment of a ship berth construction site; and MARIN-ABC (Marine Industry Applications of Broadband Communication) demonstrates new applications and services in the maritime transportation business based on future mobile satellite networks.

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