As a new technique for the deformation of aluminum alloy plate with complex curved surface which is used in shipbuilding, electromagnetic force assisted line-heating process, or EFALH for short, can promote forming efficiency and produce anticipated curved surface within the range of temperatures required in production. For a start, the process unit and experimental scheme for EFALH were introduced in the article. After the experiment, it was confirmed that the electromagnetic force do have auxiliary effect on the deformation of aluminum alloy plate. Then, for the EFALH process, three-dimensional numerical simulation was performed, and the simulated results were verified by experimental data. Influence on the deformation process caused by the difference in the time and current amplitude of electromagnetic force was studied through numerical simulation. At last, the deformation behavior of the plate under EFALH process has been analyzed from two perspectives, namely the periodism of pulsed electromagnetic force and the loading and unloading procedure in the load cycle caused by electromagnetic force.

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