Nowadays, the simulation technology aiming at preverifying extensively continues to develop in the manufacturing industry. Though it is possible to apply simulation methodology to various fields in various methods, in particular, the computer simulation of the production system in the manufacturing industry is applied most extensively. Lots of shipyards have made continual studies of the improvement plans on logistics operation of shipyards to cover the ship product constructed anew that consists of various ship types increasing day by day in the fixed area of the yard in recent years. The block to form a ship, a transporter to transfer the block, and the jig that is the support of the block are related physically, and the planning and scheduling and the operating scheme of the distribution are related informatively in the logistics of the shipyard. We introduce cases to build the decision-making system with which one can perform the logistics verification on the planning and scheduling and the assessment of the quantitative effect of the changes of the shipyard layout.

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