Shipyard design and the equipment layout problem, which is directly linked to the productivity of ship production, is an important issue in the production planning of mass production of ships. In many cases, shipbuilding yard design has relied on the experience of the internal engineer, resulting in sporadic and poorly organized processes. Consequently, economic losses and the trial-and-error involved in such a design process are inevitable problems. In this paper, a checklist of major elements is defined in order to fine-tune the shipbuilding yard designing process. The input/ output data based on the simulation of a shipbuilding yard layout designing framework and methodology proposed in previous research is also defined. Initial architecture is executed to develop software that integrates all the relevant processes and designing tools. In this course, both user request and design data by the steps are arranged and organized in the proposed layout design template form. In addition, simulation is carried out based on the parent shipbuilding process planning and scheduling data of the ship product, shipbuilding process, and work-stage facilities that constitute the shipbuilding yard. In addition, design items are verified and optimized with a layout and equipment list that shows optimal process planning and scheduling effects. All of the content of this paper is based on the simulation-based shipbuilding yard layout designing methodology, while the initial architectural processes are based on object oriented development methodology and systems engineering methods.

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