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Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 74 (08): 53–55.
Paper Number: SPE-0822-0053-JPT
Published: 01 August 2022
... when reliable estimates of p i are not available. Introduction RTA and production forecasting using historical production data require flow-regime identification for model parameter calculation. The task of flow-regime identification is best achieved under constant-rate flowing conditions. However...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 74 (06): 56–58.
Paper Number: SPE-0622-0056-JPT
Published: 01 June 2022
... drive reel using a regular crane ready for wellsite operations (Fig. 1). 1 6 2022 1 6 2022 1 6 2022 1 6 2022 Copyright 2022, International Petroleum Technology Conference coiled tubing operations calculation operation ct reel completion installation and operations...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 74 (04): 66–68.
Paper Number: SPE-0422-0066-JPT
Published: 01 April 2022
... analyzing large volumes of drilling, logging-while-drilling (LWD), and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) data. In the complete paper, the authors develop a methodology that calculates mechanical specific energy (MSE) using real-time drillstring acceleration signals. Introduction The Marcellus Shale Energy...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 74 (02): 75–77.
Paper Number: SPE-0222-0075-JPT
Published: 01 February 2022
... Test Cases Convergence Study. The discrete L2 norm of their deviation is calculated from the reference solution. Results are presented in Table 1 of the complete paper for calculations performed using a structured cubic mesh, an unstructured mesh of wedges, and an unstructured hexahedral mesh. The last...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 74 (02): 59–61.
Paper Number: SPE-0222-0059-JPT
Published: 01 February 2022
... control cognitive function directional drilling orientation tool-face orientation assumption inclination directional driller calculation poor tool-face control technical paper drilling automation upstream oil & gas bit position projection driller TECHNICAL PAPERS | Drilling Automation...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 73 (11): 51–52.
Paper Number: SPE-1121-0051-JPT
Published: 01 November 2021
... plastic viscosity test result yield stress retort-kit measurement complete paper drilling fluid management & disposal fluid loss control normalized density calculation multilinear automate algorithm solid content api retort measurement ml approach real time base fluid 1 11...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 72 (10): 75–76.
Paper Number: SPE-1020-0075-JPT
Published: 01 October 2020
... they can be prevented in future operations. Examples include events such as screen and washpipe damage, bridging, hole collapse, and packer-seal failure. Introduction Potential modes of failure tradition ally have been investigated with material- balance calculations and surface-pressure measurements...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 72 (03): 57–58.
Paper Number: SPE-0320-0057-JPT
Published: 01 March 2020
.... Major outcomes are the work-flow description of RTVFM: virtual metering work flow, real-time production calculation, and implementation in the digital oilfield (DOF) framework (Fig. 1). The complete paper discusses the methodology in detail. The paper presents three RTVFM case studies in offshore oil...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 72 (02): 45–47.
Paper Number: SPE-0220-0045-JPT
Published: 01 February 2020
... in the complete paper. As real-time data were acquired, it became apparent that the data could also be used in real time to help quantify actual downhole pressures. New calculations were designed for simpler visualization of equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) at the shoe, bit, and weak zones in the well...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (10): 44–46.
Paper Number: SPE-1019-0044-JPT
Published: 01 October 2019
... operation when compared with a conventional drilling scenario. During these tests, in each pressure step performed in the choke, the software calculates the volume balance related to the compression or decompression of the fluid in the well. The software calculates the volume that decreased from the active...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (10): 48–50.
Paper Number: SPE-1019-0048-JPT
Published: 01 October 2019
... window of approximately three-tenths of a pound.•Modern transient hydraulic modeling software permits the calculation of adequate surface pressure levels to control the annular pressure profile during the different stages of a cementing operation. On the basis of a•predetermined annular pressure target...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (08): 40–42.
Paper Number: SPE-0819-0040-JPT
Published: 01 August 2019
... control upstream oil & gas api contingency planning trip tank operational safety calculation guidance driller gas influx investigation csb report influx csb bop floor hand report recount blowout 40 JPT AUGUST 2019 The missed signals leading up to a blowout with the most fatali...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (06): 59–60.
Paper Number: SPE-0619-0059-JPT
Published: 01 June 2019
... Design drillstem/well testing calculation well performance stimulation Effectiveness complete paper Drillstem Testing Upstream Oil & Gas information acid spending knowledge Injection Rate acid-fracturing treatment treatment design acid-fracturing operation production performance...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (03): 65–67.
Paper Number: SPE-0319-0065-JPT
Published: 01 March 2019
...-temperature gradients made gas lift design relatively simple. The small errors were tolerable and within the normal design safety mar-gins of operating systems with surface pressures of less than 1,500 psi. When surface injection pressures exceed 1,500 psi, calculations become more important. Computers...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 71 (01): 56–57.
Paper Number: SPE-0119-0056-JPT
Published: 01 January 2019
... cement isolation. Estimation of Channel Size Fluid-flow calculations and a hydraulic simulator were used to estimate the size of channels in the cement. The calculations were based on the real data of treated-water circulation. The circulation was established between the production tubing...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 70 (11): 96–98.
Paper Number: SPE-1118-0096-JPT
Published: 01 November 2018
... of air and water is modeled in the elbow, incorporated with the division of grids to represent predefined flow conditions (Step 1). By tracking particle impingement within the carrier fluids (Step 2), erosion rate is calculated and analyzed (Step 3). 1 11 2018 1 11 2018 1 11 2018 1 11...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 70 (11): 89–90.
Paper Number: SPE-1118-0089-JPT
Published: 01 November 2018
... acres, with 7,100-psig initial pressure and a temperature of 352°F. Initial condensate/gas ratio (CGR) was 50 bbl/MMcf. The reservoir has 16.2% average porosity and 17% initial water saturation. Volumetric original gas in place (OGIP) is calculated to be 17 scf. The current production rate from...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 70 (10): 54–60.
Paper Number: SPE-1018-0054-JPT
Published: 01 October 2018
... 640 acres in the US). A section-based optimization of the fracture array is proposed to provide some general statements regarding spacing of wells and fractures. The approach is dependent on a reliable and efficient productivity-index (PI) calculation for the boundary-dominated state (BDS...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 70 (07): 60–61.
Paper Number: SPE-0718-0060-JPT
Published: 01 July 2018
.... The opportunities to maximize asset value led to the development and implementation of the rod-pump optimization tool (RPOT). The RPOT is a data-visualization tool that generates a single recommended optimization action (ROA) for each well being analyzed. The ROA logic calculates the optimal amount of fluid...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 70 (01): 10–11.
Paper Number: SPE-0118-0010-JPT
Published: 01 January 2018
...Darcy Spady President's column Here is the value proposition: Value beyond calculation. How much did you pay for dinner the last time you went to a nice restaurant? What’s it cost to fill the petrol tank in your vehicle? How much do you spend in a month at a brand name coffee joint, which I...

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