As we wrap up 2022, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback and continued commitment to the JPT editorial team as we research and write our online and monthly articles, all exclusive to JPT. Your presentations at SPE conferences, technical papers, interviews, and contributed articles are what make this content the best in the industry. A special thank you goes to our Editorial Review Board.

Here’s a sampling of JPT’s most-viewed features in 2022.

- Think You Know Where Proppant Goes During Fracturing? Based on Recent Testing: Don’t Bet on It

- Drillers vs. Granite: Hard Rock Is Losing Its Edge

- CO2 Capture and Storage Requires Challenging Engineering in Unfamiliar Spaces

- The Trend in Drilling Horizontal Wells Is Longer, Faster, Cheaper

- Petroleum Engineering Continues To Drop, But There Is Talk of Better Times Ahead

- What You Should Know About Offshore and Sour Gas CCS: High Cost, Leak Mitigation, and Transportation

- Talos Eyes Big Carbon Capture Role in the US and Beyond

- A Few Lessons From Tight-Rock Producers That Have Made Big Investments in Fracture Diagnostics

- Water-Plus-Gas Injection on a Bakken Well Pad May Solve Problems That Stymied Shale EOR

- The Fracturing Plan: Hit a Well 300 ft Away— How Hard Could That Be?

- An Invention Promising Less Carbon and Cost Could Allow More Stranded-Gas Development

- Is It Twilight for Deepwater US Gulf Megaprojects?

- Big Fracs That Add More Oil May Also Mean More Water, and That Can Be All Right

- The Produced Water Conundrum Grows Across Unconventionals

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