This issue marks the debut of the Hydraulic Fracturing Operations feature in JPT. While hydraulic fracturing has long been a feature topic, this year, we are branching this major area of interest into both this feature and a Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling feature, which will appear in the November issue of the magazine.

For this issue, reviewer Nabila Lazreq of ADNOC has selected three papers that reflect industry efforts to achieve new goals in production and sustainability. Paper 201450 investigates the potential of natural gas (NG) foam fracturing fluid to reduce the major water requirements seen in stimulation. The authors write that such requirements can be reduced up to 80% in some cases by the use of NG foams. Although modeling is used to reach their conclusions, the authors point out that NG foam fracturing fluids have great promise in operational scenarios in areas such as the Duvernay Shale.

Paper 203226 reviews the challenges and conclusions reached by an operator implementing multistage fracturing for the first time in a horizontal well in a UAE tight carbonate reservoir. A cross-disciplinary approach proved effective when conventional stimulation methods were not successful in this challenging formation.

Finally, paper 201611 returns to the topic of NG foams, investigating their utility as an alternative to fracturing fluids composed of nitrogen and carbon-dioxide foams. The pilot-scale study leads the authors to conclude that NG foams are effective fracturing fluids that exhibit stable viscosity at elevated pressure and temperature conditions.

We hope that you enjoy the inaugural Hydraulic Fracturing Operations feature. Feel free to access the complete papers, and others that reflect recent achievements of SPE conference authors, in the OnePetro online library.

Recommended additional reading at OnePetro:

SPE 204190 Optimization of Coal-Seam Connectivity by Multiseam Pinpoint Fracturing Operations in the Walloons Coal Measures, Surat Basin by Vibhas J. Pandey, ConocoPhillips, et al.

SPE 204140 An Eagle Ford Case Study: Monitoring Fracturing Propagation Through Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring by Kourtney Brinkley, Devon Energy, et al.

SPE 202760 Tight Oil From Shale Rock in UAE: A Success Story of Unconventional Fracturing by Nabila Lazreq, ADNOC, et al.

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