Technology Focus

During the past years, several discoveries have been made in deep and ultradeep waters around the world. Many development projects are ongoing, and exploratory campaigns are increasing in this type of play. This latter factor will certainly result in new discoveries; it has already been seen in the presalt in Brazil, the Lower Tertiary in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico, and the fields off the coast of West Africa.

One of the challenges faced by the operators is making the appropriate selection for a field development plan. This is certainly the key to a successful project, requiring several studies by the operators to allow the technical groups to understand the complexity of the reservoir.

The drilling costs in deep water continue to increase every day and represent the bigger portion of the capital expenditures for deepwater-field development. Therefore, having a good knowledge of the reservoir will help define the well design and architecture, optimizing the costs and maximizing the oil recovery.

The papers selected for this month’s issue are related to deep- and ultradeep-water field development projects and are good examples of how operators are working on studies to help make the correct decision for the development plan to be selected. Please enjoy your reading.

Recommended additional reading at OnePetro:

OTC 22993 The Who Dat Development: Evolution of a Project From Lease Sale to First Production by Rick Fowler, LLOG Exploration, et al.

OTC 23172 Pazflor, a Major Step for Angola by Gaspar Martins, Sonangol

OTC 22997 Overcoming Field Development Challenges in Depleting Ultra-HP/HT West Franklin Field by Slobodan Jezdimirovic, Total E&P, et al.

SPE 147956 Modeling of a New Field Development Plan for a Giant Offshore Oil Field in the UAE by S. Bachar, Zakum Oil Development, et al.

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