The structural properties of the rock mass are the basic properties of engineering rock masses, the structure existing in the rock mass plays a decisive role in the deformation and failure of the rock mass, it is very important to study the effect of structure on the failure of fractured rock mass. In this paper, based on the structural plane information collection, according to the structure of the sample, surface will be grouped, the stochastic properties of geometrical parameters are analyzed, using the corresponding probability distribution function, application of Monte Carlo stochastic simulation method to build 3D modeling of structural plane. According to the structural plane has the characteristics of self-similarity, weierstrass function method and Hurst index are adopted, according to 10 standard roughness profile curves, build the two-dimensional fractal curve, calculate the fractal dimension (D) of the curve, according to the relationship between D and JRC to achieve the quantitative JRC. The applicability of JRC-JCS shear strength model in manifold element program is explained by Mohr-Coulomb theory. The relationship between the JRC and the friction of structural plane is established, and the modified friction force is introduced into the total stiffness matrix as the loading force to realize the manifold control of rock face failure.

1. Introduction

Rock mass is a complex non-continuous block system, cut by a variety of faults, joints, cracks. Due to the long-term geological evolution process, the complexity of the rock structure is caused, so that the rock mass has a high degree of non-continuity, non-uniformity and anisotropy. The structural characteristics of rock mass are the basis of engineering properties of rock mass. The structure of rock mass plays a decisive role in the deformation and failure of rock mass, and it is very important to study the influence of structure on fragmentation of rock mass.

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