The process of slope stability analysis is one of the most important stages in design of some civil and mining projects. Bimslopes are made from bimrocks (block-in-matrix rocks) where rocky blocks are distributed in a bonded matrix of finer texture. This kind of slopes usually are seen in weathered and shallow environments. Previous studies have shown that VBP (Volumetric Block Proportion) is one of the most significant factors affecting bimrocks strength and consequently the stability of bim lopes. In this paper, the influence of blocks orientation on bimslope stability have been investigated. For this purpose, 60 theoretical models have been made which all of them have a specific block size distribution and VBP. These bimslopes are contained the blocks with different dips versus the face. Also for each kind of blocks orientation, 10 different blocks arrangements have been modeled. The Finite element method (FEM) have been used to analysis the stability of these bimslopes models. The results show the orientation of blocks have a strong impact on safety factor and stability of bimslopes. The obtained graphs from this study can be used in the projects are faced the bimslopes.

1. Introduction

The behavior of soil and rock mass have been widely analyzed. Furthermore, some environments are included the rocky blocks randomly scattered in a soil mass which called bimrocks (block-in-matrix rocks). Several studies have been conducted to identify bimrocks (Medley, 1994; Riedmuller et al. 2001; Afifipour and Moarefvand; 2014). But there are still man y unknown aspects of bimrocks behavior such as the reaction in slope stability and tunneling issues. Two kind of bimrocks with different volumetric block proportion (VBP) in Iran are presented in Fig. 1.

In this paper, the influence of blocks orientation on the stability of bimroc ks slopes (bimslopes) have been studied. For this purpose, the finite element method have been utilized.

2. Bimrocks

The bimrocks are defined as mixtures of rocks composed of geotechnically significant blocks within a bonded matrix of finer texture such as melanges, fault rocks and weathered rocks (Medley, 1994).

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