Microseismic activities in the right bank slope of Dagangshan hydropower station occurred during reservoir impoundment. This paper introduces the results of microseismic monitoring, and three-dimensional (3D) finite element analysis is used to explore the microseismic activities and damage mechanisms in the right bank slope during reservoir impoundment. Based on data obtained from microseismic monitoring, a progressive microseismic damage model is proposed and then implemented in 3D finite element analysis. The safety factor of the right bank slope obtained from the 3D finite element analysis that includes the effects of progressive microseismic damage is 1.10, indicating that the slope is stable after reservoir impoundment. The microseismic monitoring system is able to capture the slope disturbance during reservoir impounding in real time and is a powerful tool for qualitatively assessing changes in slope stability over time. The proposed progressive microseismic damage model adequately simulates the changes in the slope during the impoundment process and provides a valuable tool for evaluating slope stability.

1. Introduction

Landslides resulted from reservoir impoundment are common to see around the world. Reservoir landslides account for huge property losses and even make damage to people's life. Commonly, borehole inclinometer, dislocation meter, piezometer, anchor stress gauge and GPS are the main monitoring methods which are used in slopes during reservoir impounding. However, conventional monitoring methods are limited by monitoring facilities layout. Microseismic monitoring can acquire the location, time and magnitude of rock mass fracture. Microseismic monitoring technique has been used in hydraulic and hydroelectric projects in recent years (Xu et al., 2016; Tang et al., 2015; Dai et al., 2017). With the development of computer technique, numerical method is widely used to analyze the slope stability during reservoir impounding. In this paper, microseismic monitoring technique and finite element method are used to analyze the stability of the right bank slope of the Dagangshan hydropower station, which is located in Sichuan Province, China, during reservoir impounding.

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