In this paper, the risk assessment method of multi-hazard coupling disaster is studied in view of the shortcomings of underground structure disaster prevention and a comprehensive risk analysis of the hazards of urban utility tunnel in Baotou Xindu central district is carried out. First, we set up a single disaster risk assessment indicators for the potential disaster in utility tunnel. Then, we establish the coupling model regarding multi-disaster in utility tunnel in order to get the coupling relationship between multiple disasters. Finally, we propose a risk assessment method for the multi-hazard coupling hazard. The risk evaluation method proposed in this paper can be used to evaluate the safety of the urban utility tunnel under various disasters, which is of great significance to the policy making and comprehensive planning of urban utility tunnel.

1. Introduction

In the land resources extremely valuable today urban utility tunnel as a practical underground structure has gradually become one of the best choices for the construction of urban municipal facilities because of its Superiority in Resource integration and maintenance easily. Many cities began to try to design and construct urban utility tunnels with the support of the government in China. The study of internal pipeline planning and disaster risk prevention and control aspects of utility tunnel is still in its infancy.

According to the projects already built, utility tunnel contains electric wires, communication cables, water supply and drainage pipes, heating pipes, gas pipelines, etc. There is a risk which cable breakage, pipeline leakage, etc. lead to poisoning, explosion, fire and other disasters in the course of construction and operation. More importantly, the disaster-causing factors are complex, and the correlation between disasters is high. The results of the assessment of a single disaster are not accurate enough, so the risk evaluation of multi-disaster coupling hazard in the utility tunnel is very necessary.

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