Concrete cut-off wall is widely used in the reinforcement project of earth rockfill dam. In order to analyze the influence of cut-off wall on dam slope stability, it is established a finite element numerical model coupling both the seepage and stress field, so as to enable the calculation of factor of safety of dam slope stability and to compare the differences before and after the reinforcement using strength reduction finite element method. Research shows that under normal storage conditions, the safety factor of downstream dam slope increases significantly after building cut-off wall while it reduces slightly for the upstream dam slope.


Concrete cut-off wall has the advantages of reliable performance and adaptable to various geological conditions. It is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower projects and it is currently the main measure taken for seepage prevention in reinforcement of dilapidated earth rockfill dam. Seepage control and slope stability problems have always been the focus of dam engineering and remain to be hot spot of research among domestic and foreign scholars (Mao et al. 2005, Shen et al. 2006, Lu & Yin 2004, Wu et al. 2009). However, there is little review on whether adding concrete cut-off wall is of influence on dam slope stability and this problem is rarely considered during actual engineering design. After adding cut-off wall to earth rockfill dam, seepage field and stress field in the dam would change, resulting impacts on dam slope stability. Therefore, the systematical analysis of the effect (both magnitude and its pattern) of cut-off wall on dam slope stability is very important for practical engineering design, application, operation and management.

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