Linglong gold mine is one of the deepest metal mines in China, where a violent rockburst occurred in depth of 500 m. To ensure the underground safe production of the mine, it is essential to investigate the factors that induced the rockburst and to study the rockburst formation mechanism. The granite rock was first experimented through uniaxial compression tests, Brazilian tests and loading-unloading compression tests. Then, the rockburst tendency of the granite was assessed by brittleness index, outburst energy index and strain energy index, respectively. The goafs distribution was investigated, indicating that goafs exerted a significant effect on rockbursting. Finally, the redistribution of geo-stress around the goafs was calculated by employing the finite element code GTS/NX, and the relationship of the goafs with the rockburst was discussed. The research results are beneficial for making strategies for preventing rockburst in deep mining of Linglong gold mine.


With the increase of excavation depth in hard rock, rock mass failures induced by high geostress are more and more frequently observed. As one of the most severe disasters in deep engineering, rockburst brings a huge loss for workers and companies. From 1738 when the first rockburst phenomenon was observed till now, rockburst has been always a hot but complicated issue for researchers (Vardoulakis 1984, Ortlepp & Stacey 1994). Lots of understandings on rockburst have come to an agreement, while many are still in disagreement (He et al. 2012). It is generally assumed that the occurrence of rockburst is related to many factors, such as geo-stress, rock properties and buried depth of rock mass. Many literatures have been published concerning on the rock failure type induced by a rockburst (Ortlepp & Stacey 1994, Wang et al. 2012). However, the present achievements are still not enough to fully understand the induced mechanism of rockburst, including where and when the rockburst may happen.

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