Floor heave is common dynamic phenomenon of mine pressure appear in coal mine roadway, and the normal use of roadway was affected. Based on floor heave problem of the middle-strip track roadway at Xin-jing Coal Mine as research background. Based on theoretical analysis methods, analyzed the influence factors of floor heave and studied the causes and mechanism of floor heave. The results show that the rock bottom water, the swelling clay of rocks, and high stress were the main influence factors of floor heave. The amount of the floor heave was constituted by the elastic-plastic deformation, water swelling deformation, rock dilatancy, creep; active control surrounding rock deformation and waterproof were the key to control the floor heave. Bolting and grouting technology of anchor beam with grouting in the floor of roadway were implemented in the field. The Roadway Floor Heave was controlled in 50 mm after six months. The roof and the two sides have little deformation, the field implementation indicates that the technique effectively controls of the roadway floor heave and provides a reference for the similar conditions of the mine roadway.


The floor heaving of roadway is a common dynamic phenomenon in coal mine, because the theory about occurring and development of the floor heaving is complicated and uncontrolled. So floor heaving is a hot research problem in field reinforce of the roadway. According to different length of service and property, different of floor heaving can accept differently amount of floor heave, amount of floor heave generally less than 200 mm will not affect the safe operation of equipment for the stability and normal pedestrian of roadway. Once the amount of floor heave is too large, also the destruction occurred in other parts of the roadway, even the whole disaster-induced destruction of roadway, and that is going to seriously affect the safety in production.

Therefore, if we need fully understand induced the theory of floor heave, we must conduct a comprehensive study of the various types and degrees of floor heave floor heave.

According to reference, there are many seriously floor heave of coal mining areas in China, such as the main soft rock coal mining area of Mao-ming, Long-kou and Shu-Ian (He & He 1994), and such as the main deep mining area of Kai-luan mine, HanXing, Jin-chuan and Xuzhou, although there are successful cases of controlling floor heave, but there are many influence for the floor heave and mining geology and other conditions are always changed, the larger the floor heave has often occurred.

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