Meticulous study on each component of the bolting support system plays an important role in assuring scientific and secure support for the mine roadways. For further understanding the influence of arch structure on steel pallet's mechanical property, and its bearing applicability when matching with different bolts, bearing capacity and deformation characteristics of square pallets with different thickness and different arch height were investigated by using laboratory loading tests; experiment results well verified the correctness of the theoretical relationship, which also was shown, The size and strength of adjustable ball-pad played an important role for complete bearing capacity of arched pallet. Simulation tests of FEM were employed to predict load-displacement and stress distribution feature of different arched pallet area. At last, based on the previous studies, arch structure calculation and the coal industry standard, a reasonable reference table was proposed for matching different bolts specification and ordinary arched pallets' size, which can be used in mines support engineering.


With the continuous improvement of anchor bolts support rate and level in China's coal mine roadway, meticulous study of every bolting system components are becoming increasingly important. Anchor bolt pallet, as a basic roadway support member for retaining rock surface, its mechanical effect on the pre-stress proliferation in a quite wide range, and timely on controlling surface deformation and failure for surrounding rock is very important. Engineering practice in the mining field for several decades show that, arched steel pallet has become an indispensably important component of bolting systems for roadways because of its high load-bearing performance, better stability.

A number of pallets application study was conducted in a wide range of mines engineering, papers (Kang & Wu 2012, Wu et al. 2009) studied pallets load-deformation state, stress distribution feature and its effect on roadway support by the use of special stress-measuring arched pallet. Papers (Yuan & Qi 2006, Yang & He 1991) carried out a detailed study of the pallet pressure effect for the full grouted anchor bolt in actual bearing state. The arch structure's mechanical theory analysis of the butterfly-shaped tray was carried out in papers (Wang & Cai 1996, Meng & Zhang 1999), aiming at important influencing of the arch geometric parameters on its bearing strength. Papers (Liu & Zhang 1998, Wang & Chen 2013) conducted strength study of arched tray by finite element numerical simulation and mechanical loading experiments.

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