Rock burst is one of the Dynamic disasters in coal mining and other deep underground engineering as well as a hot-spot topic which the rock force field focus on widely. Along with the increasing depth of coal mining, the frequency and harmfulness of rock burst is increasingly serious, it has become a major technical problem to be solved in mines of our country. The paper treated the situation of rock burst when coal roadway tunneling in YANBEI colliery as the engineering background, based on the event data collected and sorted of real-time monitoring on microseismic and rock burst, to conclude the characteristics of spatial distribution under rock burst, analyzing the correlation between rock burst and microseismic, concluded the correlation between their distributions. To evaluate the impact factors of position and magnitude of rock burst, distinguishing the type of rock burst in this field is the bottom board of tunnel with stress. It has important engineering value on the studying and predicting of the mechanism about rock burst.


With the increasing demand for mineral resources, human are constantly looking for the mineral resources which in the deep of Earth, the deep resource exploitation has been becoming a trend of mining development. Mining depth is increasing under this trend. Under a certain high stress condition in the deep, the rock which is surround roadway, gob and pillar is easy induced unstable failure occurs, the rock burst. It usually refers to the elastic energy in the rock under the disturbance release instantaneously, generating the mine dynamic phenomena, often accompanied by a loud noise, rock burst and other phenomena (Qi & Chen 2003). Rock burst is one kind of rock dynamic disasters all around the world, it is the most serious disaster in coal mine. It tends to cause deformation of the mining face, the destruction of equipments, and result in casualties, even when serious cause surface subsidence and local earthquakes. In the long-term study on the earthquake, seismologists have accumulated a wealth of experience and made many valuable results, particularly the geophysical methods including microseismic monitoring, positioning, etc., all the results are valuable assets during the study of rock burst (Zhao & Tang 2005). In this paper, according to the existing data about microseismic and rock burst events of the 250204 face of Yanbei mine, finding the positions of microseismic and shocks, summarizing the events' distribution rule under different locations and magnitude.

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