This article aims at more accurately studying an equivalent applying way of blasting load by numerical simulation method. Based on the theory of strength reduction, slope stability is analyzed. It can produce special blasting load when open-pit is mining, and made more able to simulate the actual blast load equivalent loading. The equivalent applying way of blasting load first analyze the characteristics of open-pit blasting load, it rings to pass from the explosion source to the surrounding, If the blasting load can equivalently load into the crushing outside the district boundary, so that it is more consistent with the actual hole blasting; The way uses FLAC3D to establish the open pit slope numerical model, and then analyzed using finite difference method under blasting dynamic loading the dynamic response characteristics of slope, then calculated using strength reduction pit slope seismic safety factor. And finally with the past will be the equivalent of blasting vibration is applied to the model boundary manner comparative, verification by the equivalent method is applied to blasting in the slope stability analysis under dynamic loading, the feasibility and rationality.


Since the 20th century, the ore proportion of both domestic and overseas open-pit mining is considerable in ore yield. For our country (Liu 1995), metal mine open-pit mining of iron ore accounts for about 80%-90%, non-ferrous metals accounts for about 40%-50%, and chemical materials accounts for 70%, building materials accounts for 100%, proportion of open-pit coal mining has been about 5%. In recent years, some large open-pit mine areas have set up, which suggests that the development potential of coal mining in future is very huge. Since the 1990s to the beginning of this century, with the development and utilization of resources, deep sunken open pit mine has become the trend of the open-pit mine in the world, and the resulting high steep open pit slope stability problem has been closely watched. With the rapid development of science, technology, economy, the excavation blasting technology is widely applied in open pit mining. But because of its complexity and moments in blasting, it is difficult to study its mechanism and function feature. At present, the problem of slope stability under blasting load research has aroused many scholars attention.

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