Rock structure is very important for the stability of rock slopes. RFPA is a professional finite element software for failure process analysis of material. RFPA-Centrifuge is used to simulate the failure process of rock slopes with a weak stratum which is in different height, the characteristics of the failure processes of the three dimensional-models and the factors of safety are gotten. The results showed that with the same mechanical parameters, the shorter distance between the weak stratum and the crest of slope is, the bigger the factor of the safety is and the smaller of the instability area is. Therefore, using software to simulate the failure process of slopes before the engineering excavation, different measures will be provided reference for supporting on rock slopes with weak strata.


Mostly rock mass at surface layer of earth had formed many structure planes with regular distribution in lengthy geological history. For rock slopes, stability analysis is difficult because there are so many discontinuity structure planes in rock mass, which has different construction and characteristic. Such as layer plane, joints, fracture, weak interlayer, vein, etc.

Engineering rock mass has complex geological occurrence environment, the force conditions and border conditions are kaleidoscope, it's very difficult to express stress state and stability with classic mathematics mechanical method, this is restricted with the development of joint rock mass mechanics in a long time. The rapid development of computer technology changed this status, numerical calculation methods gradually became tools for rock mechanical research and engineering calculation.

Weak strata are the weakness places in rock mass under dynamic loading conditions because of the lower modulus and strength, which is usually impact on the engineering projects. In recent years, the dynamical problem of rock slope with weak strata has caused widespread attention in the geotechnical engineering field (Huang 2007). Du Xiao-li (Duet al. 2010) discussed the relationship between the inclination of structures and slope stability by finite element method. Chai Hong-bao (Chai et al. 2011) studied the amplification rule of slope under the action of vertical upward shear wave. Huang run-qiu (Huang & Yu 2003) simulated the impact of magnified effect of earthquake wave with elastic-plastic parameters involving weak interlayer, and obtained the results that magnified effect is mainly related to velocity, not density.

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