In recent years, the slope sliding accident not only becomes a major hidden dangers of mine safety, but also causes a huge impact to the normal production of mine. At present, the traditional slope monitoring and early warning methods are difficulty to solve the problem of monitoring and early warning of the long-term landslide mass such as the slope of Baiyun East Ore. This is the biggest hidden dangers and difficulties to the slope of Baiyun East Ore at the moment. In order to achieve the effective monitoring of rock failure events in the inoculation process of slope instability of Baiyun East Ore, this paper introduced the moment tensor inversion method based on digital seismology, calculated the pulse response of transmission medium between the source and sensors (green function), extracted the displacement data of the microseismic events, linear inversed the moment tensor and calculated the fracture azimuth of microseismic events, judged the fracture types of microseismic events (four shear fracture, four mixed fracture), and then built the 3D effect picture of microseismic monitoring area, match the rock failure surface and predict its development trend.


Slope is a natural or artificial formation of the slope. It is one of the most basic geological environment of human engineering activities, as well as the most common form of engineering project construction. Its formation and evolution has a very close relationship with the human production and activity. As one of the three global major geological disaster, the failure of slope has a serious crisis to people's lives and property. With the progress of human society and the development of world economy, human engineering activity is increasingly frequent, its scale is increasing, and it causes more and more geological fracture. The size of its scale and the complexity of its conditions are unprecedented. Therefore, the correct understanding of slope, the rational survey and design, the proper governance, and losses the disaster caused by the instability and failure of slope to a minimum, is the question must consider for the workers of geologists, geotechnical engineering technology. The form of instability and failure of slope showed mainly sliding, collapse, spalling and plastic flow. The sliding form, that is rock mass deformation and failure of the slope, refers to the specific surface and combination of the surface along the shear failure of slopes (Zhang 2007).

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