In the process of constructing high production and high efficiency coal mines, many new models of open-underground combined mining were adopted more and more. On the basis of open-underground combined mining of shallow horizontal thick coal in Pingshuo Mining District, three kinds of engineering geological models and numerical models were built by using two methods of physical model test and numerical simulation. Based on the stability of transportation platform of the slope, three criterions which included the maximum value of the differential settlement of the transportation platform, the convergence of settlement curves, and the connectivity of plastic zone were put forward. In order to reduce the waste of coal under the slope, boundary parameters of the open-underground mining were optimized through the contrastive analysis of the mining sequence. The engineering practice showed that optimized parameters have gained good results. In view of the facts that there are no mature experiences at home and abroad, the above-mentioned results have important theoretical meaning and popularization value for guiding the similar engineering practices.


There are many ways to improve labor productivity and economic benefits for coal mining enterprises, but all ways must rely on the technological progress to accelerate the construction of high yield and high efficient mine and to promote the modernization of the coal industry. As China's major mining base with hundreds of million tons of coal production, in recent years the Pingshuo Mining District has tried to use the open-underground combined mining in shallow horizontal thick coal firstly, which is a safe and new model and has achieved considerable economic benefits (Ren et al. 2007).

In the process of exploitation of mineral resources in open-underground combined mining model, two aspects must be considered, one is as much as possible to prevent waste, the other is the stability of the mining slope engineering (Wang et al. 2009). At present the researches on the open-underground combined mining mainly focus on the metal mines in China, and the open-underground combined mining model was mainly used in the inclined coal seam conditions, the study on the open-underground combined mining of the shallow horizontal thick coal is very immature.

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