Taking square red sandstone samples as study objects, both destruction properties and destruction development model were analyzed with self-designed shear creep experimental device of coal or weak rock and monitor software of coal or rock micromechanics properties under restrictive shear creep. The results show: development process of red sandstone destruction under restrictive shear creep was show in process that first formed main rupture plane, then formed micro-cracks area near the main rupture plane, rupture plane was formed and burst destruction occurred in finally, and accompanying with a large crack voice. Development process of destruction model was show in progressive model but destruction model was shown in burst model, the rupture plane was non-flat and non-smooth wavy plane.


Obvious slip plane appeared and accompanied with significant slip trace after most of landslide slip instability occurred, shown in Figure 1. Obvious slip plane and significant slip trace were formed in the process of growth and development of slope slip through continuing overcoming cohesion in rock or soil and friction on slip plane. And all of state of stress, properties of rock or soil and change of external conditions near slip plane can affect growth, development and forming of slope slip plane. Therefore, analyzing and obtaining state of rock stress near slip plane, and researching mechanical evolution properties of rock under above state of stress, which were key important fact for obtaining the growth process properties of slope slip and preventing of slope destruction occur. Based on comprehensive analysis of many slopes, the conclusion that these rock near slip plane can be taken as in state of restrictive shear creep is obtained, restrictive shear creep load comes from the weight of overlying rock or soil of slip plane, direction of shear creep is slip direction of slip plane, restrictive effect is shown in addition of friction on slip plane because of the weight of overlying rock or soil of slip plane, simplified model is shown in Figure 2.

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